Please pray for this family

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Please pray for this family

Post by janicemarie » Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:06 pm

There is a lovely family in need of your prayers. THe mom was hit with a drive by bullet while protecting her son as they walked home on day. Her son died in her arms. he was 8 and she was shot in the head and had to have part of her skull replace and is blinded in one eye. NOw the other eye has bled and she might not have any sight left at all. She thought she was prepared for this but no one is really prepared are they no matter how much they say they are. Her daughter has her own set of problems to deal with from an abusive father that is no longer in the picture but she is tormented by nightmares and undergoing counseling . This is such a special family and have been through so much. I am asking all to pray for them and help them adjust to life and all to get well and live their lives to the best they can. Thank you

janice marie

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