Prayer Request for Chee Chee Martin & Mary Ann

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Prayer Request for Chee Chee Martin & Mary Ann

Post by webmaster » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:25 am

Our beloved member Chee Chee Martin and Steve Politte's sister Mary Ann is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. I would like ask our little group here on NetHugs for prayers. Please take a moment in your day to pray for them and their families.
NetHugs Webmaster

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Re: Prayer Request for Chee Chee Martin & Mary Ann

Post by DeaconSteve » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:20 pm

Thank you all for the prayers!
Live today as if it were your last, for tomorrow it will be your past, but live it with peace in mind, joy to find, and for God divine!

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Shirley Shaw
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Re: Prayer Request for Chee Chee Martin & Mary Ann

Post by Shirley Shaw » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:45 am

I am Praying', for Chee Chee Martin, and Mary Ann now..I seen another Post somewhere@Chee Chee, so I started Praying to The Lord'..May The Lord', Jesus', Lay his Loving, Caring Hands', upon Both of these Lovely Ladies, and Heal Them, as Only You Can', Dear Lord'. We Thank You', In Your Holy Name', Jesus', in advance....'Gods' Blessings', be with You Both'.....Pastor/Sis Shirley shaw.....

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Re: Prayer Request for Chee Chee Martin & Mary Ann

Post by izzyfalcon » Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:07 pm

"Heavenly-Father,...together, collectively / we approach: Your-Great-Throne!...*(Of-Judgement)*"...

Father-in-Heaven,...we plead, with You / to never-forget: Your-Own-Mercy!... The very same, shed-upon,...Your-Son / on that: horrendous-Roman-Cross!...

Help us, daily, carrying / our-own!...

Help us, to understand why,..."suffering", the best-way / in which, You: teach us, the reality of our,...distancing: from Your-Presence!...

Help us, know / fully-that, it's only,...but / for: a little-while, *(compared-to-eternity)*...

And, soon,...we shall, all / come: to understand, to fill, to reap and to,..."gain!"... *(All-Things)*,...

In these, moments of disparity / help us: To see, what You,...see-in-us!...

Yes!... An,...Everlasting,...Hope!...

For, we are,...those / who-believe: in the promises, of,...Your-Son!...*(our-Saviour)*

Upon, Jesus'-Strong-Shoulders,...we-shall / stand. And, is, from these,..."heights" / that-we-can: clearly see, our,...eternal-tomorrows!... Amen.

We surrender, our,...all / in: "Hopes!"...

Yes!... Dear-Father!...

In,...("Hopes") / that: You, will ease,...our-pains!... For, without You,...and,...Your-Son, (Jesus): we remain, as,...nothing!... Amen.


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