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Under That Summer Time Moon

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:26 pm
by norman
Under That Summer Time Moon

She sits there in her rocker
As she hums an old tune
Thinkung of her days long past
Under that summer time moon

She closes her eyes
Drifts into sweet yesterdays
When she was a young lady
Remembering long walks in fields of hay

She hears a whipper-will sing
And a smile comes upon her face
Bringing back more childhood thoughts
When she could run free and play

She thinks of her first love
Just a stray dog she called "Shep"
She had him for a good many years
All those memories she's kept

Then she thinks of her first man
They dated way back school
She lost him when he was called to war
Her heart told her she was a fool

But then along came another man
Who asked her to be his Bride
And after she finally said "yes"
They stuck together side-by-side

After many years down the road
And so many children they raised
He passed away leaving her behind
After all the children had moved away

Now,she sits in that rocking chair
Under that summer time moon
With all those sweet memories
Waiting to be called Home soon

Yes,under that summer time moon
As the stars shine so bright
She remembers all of her past
The sparkle in her eyes shine just as bright

Written 4/15/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)