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Try Listening

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:36 pm
by norman
Try Listening

Listen to the raindrops
As they hit the roof
As I watch your teardrops
Telling me the hidden truth

Listen to the pitter-patters
As the rain beats on the siding
As your heart tells me what matters
And reveals all you've been hiding

Listen to the wind blowing
Making the rain sound much worse
Howling that snow is coming
At least we know love is not a curse

Listen to the traffic going by
Slowing down to the weather
Where normally they would fly
As love gets tougher like leather

Listen to the wipers, wiping rain off glass
Beating with the rhythm of the rain
Though our love might have some sass
It only grows stronger with each bit of pain

Written 11/3/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)