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Love Flowing Free

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 12:11 am
by norman
Love Flowing Free

There she walks by the sea
With her tears flowing so free
Wondering what went so wrong
For she has loved him for so long

Was it caused by something she said
Or was it other troubles in his head
They once felt love in their heart
But that was so long ago at the start

They drifted oh so far a part through the years
Now as she thinks back she sheds her tears
He turnded to drinking to cover his pain
Swallowing his pride washing love down the drain

It's a sad story that I'm forced to tell
As he lays in his coma only time can make him well
Until then, she'll go for her walks late at night
As she feels the love in her heart ever so right

Then one day she goes to see him in his room
There is something she needs to tell him soon
She holds his hand though he's deep in a sleep
She whispers "I love you" then begins to weep

Suddenly his hand starts twitching and jerking
His eyebrows start flickering her prayers are working
His eyes come to focus and he sees her standing there
He speeks "I love you too!" she's the answer to his prayers

Just a few weeks later they become husband and wife
No more will their love struggle, not in this life
They are happy and free as they travel the land
Sharing their sweet story holding hand-in-hand

Written 5/20/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.