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Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:10 pm
by blessed

Mom, I wish I could just tell you
The day you went away,
Was the day my life turned different
In every single way.

I've been so very lonely
Always feel so blue.
My heart gets even sadder
every time I think of you.

I know I'm not a child
To feel scared and all alone,
But Lord knows I'd give anything
Just to have you home.

You made me feel so safe.
Never did I fear,
But as a child I I feel so lost,
My eyes just fill with tears.

What am I now to do?
For I have lost so much hope.
My days seem difficult to face,
It's getting hard to cope.

I know that death is normal,
Comes soon after our birth,
But mom I miss you deeply,
Wish I had you back on earth.

But I know I can't be selfish,
With what is meant to be.
But if I had one wish,
I'd wish you here with me.