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Post by AsHeIs » Sun May 29, 2016 4:15 pm

Can’t you hear her calling
Can’t you hear her pleading… please answer
For faint she’s been
from the task of her asking
Floundering in her tomb
The occupant out back, the occupant de-named
A portrait thumb-tacked to a stall
draped in the covers of uncaring dust
An occupant alone, an occupant de-claimed
Can’t you hear her calling…

Once she was enchanting
Once she was enthralling… and desired
Her subtle hues
were feathered in soft whispers
to complement her smile
An occupant re-viewed, an occupant pursued
The display of most favored walls
Now abandoned like an old photograph
An occupant de-framed, an occupant profaned
Callously cast aside

Till he heard her calling
Till he heard her pleading…and answered
For faint he’s been
from the tasks of his searching
for the girl of his dream
To occupy his mind, to occupy his heart
He would rescue her from darkness
From the post of her affliction and dust
To occupy her mind, to occupy her heart
As the light of her day

Soon, they are enchanting
Soon, they are enthralling… and desired
Their subtle hues
are feathered in soft whispers
to complement their joy
As occupants restored, as occupants adored
The displayed on most favored walls
Alive in landscapes of love and hope
As occupants re-viewed, as occupants renown
Caught in their sweet caress…

Allyn Robert Smith

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