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Post by AsHeIs » Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:35 pm

The look of her eyes gathering in the sun
cloaked in a sea of deep blue mystery
harboring secret thoughts in their weaving
Parting her soft red lips silently in need
Unbounded by what can or cannot be

Appearing to me like a portrait or dream
framed by landscapes of autumn in its bloom
like the verses gilding her wind tossed hair
She takes my hand into her vast universe
that I might share of the love waiting there

Where are the trumpets of the ancient kings
to rise up and herald this royal event
The troubadours… to sing their passionate prose
The scrolls… to celebrate this harmony
Unbounded by what can or cannot be

She pierces my heart with her believing
and I am helpless in its receiving
For I worship the tapestries of its wound
enveloping me in desires beyond
all wishes I had wished for or perceived

To wander on the shores of evermore
guarded by the oceans of our resolve
To build our love on the treasures of its sands
and the wonders of wonders they reveal
Unbounded by what can or cannot be

Allyn Robert Smith

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