Windswept waves

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Windswept waves

Post by AsHeIs » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:35 pm

Windswept waves of the moonlight
playing piano on the tiptoes of leaves
find our heartbeats dancing to the tune
Casting dreams and memories
upon an ocean of tranquility
by the beat of the love that was hewn

Whispered thoughts of the moment
bring out operas of tenderness and resolve
Laying arm in arm pointing out each star
for the kiss that it inspires
and the banquet of responses required
Quasars will learn how in love we are

Passing winks of two fireflies
add their arias to the fragrance of night
Where the ocean plays tag with the sand
to see who will win the prize
While a night hawk silently waves its wings
to its lover waiting… just as planed

Long grasses in their quivers
are our musicians as we compose our rhymes
No organ or guitar can surpass
the tones we form together
or the symphony of our content
When windswept waves of the moonlight pass

Allyn Robert Smith

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