The Messenger

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Sir Daniel
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The Messenger

Post by Sir Daniel » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:03 pm


The Messenger

When the wind blows through the trees
And faraway stars light up the night
Butterflies whisper to each other in the breeze
And daydreams have taken flight

When everything you once believed could be
Turns out nothing more than this
When you ask your pillow, is it me?
No reply, no hug, no kiss

When you discover tears getting lost in your eyes
When the only answer is a walk alone
When raindrops fall from the skies
While strangers pass unknown

You sit on a bench, remembering words once said
Imagining a future you can't see into
Unaware, four feet over your head
There is a robin watching you

This robin was sent by someone not there
Someone who loves you very much
Can you feel him? He is in the air
He brings a love you can't hold or touch

But it is a love that is real, let it inside
Hold it close as long as you can
Any doubts you had, cast aside
You are loved deeply by this man

And you always have been, always will be
Regardless how you feel today
And that robin, up in the tree
For the moment must fly away

But as the tide blankets over the coast
And emotions back and forth get shoved
Your robin will return when you need him most
To remind you again, you are loved..

© 2013

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Re: The Messenger

Post by Hope » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:49 am

Sir Daniel,
It is so Good to see you here I have missed your Wonderful writings. I love this Awesome Love poem, it really touched my heart. You are an Amazing writer and I am looking foward to reading more of your Wonderful poems.
God Bless You Eva

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Janice Kennedy
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Re: The Messenger

Post by Janice Kennedy » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:11 pm

Exquisite as ever. I have always loved the way
that you write, my friend. I hope that you are taking a break
from all of the challenges for a while, and just let the words flow.
Challenges can be fun, but just writing can be fun too.
I have found most everything that you write, very entertaining!

Take care ~ Jan ))(( )))(((

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