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A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:15 pm
by Judith Johnson Kypta
“You Didn’t Bring Me This Far...Only To Let me Down”

The Ambulance pulled away with its siren wailing loudly, I locked the front door and followed my daughter to her car. We would be following the ambulance to the emergency room at Ohio Valley Hospital.
As my daughter Mil followed behind, I kept saying ....Over and over "You didn’t bring me this far Lord. . . Only to let me down!" That day seemed such a blur. I couldn’t think of anything but those words.

I tried placing a call to my husband to say I had arrived at work safely, When the phone kept ringing, I figured he might be showering or taking a nap. Later, when I tried calling again, the oddest thing happened. As I sat listening to the phone ring, I was given a vision of my husband lying face down on our bedroom carpet. I shook my head, . . . blinking my eyes and thinking “What was that all about?"
As hard as I tried, I could not get that vision out of my mind. A couple of hours passed, I tried calling home again . . . Still no answer! I went into the outer office where my co-worker Carol was working at her desk. I walked up to her desk, and told her, "Carol, I am so worried" "Why?" she answered. I proceeded to explain about the vision. Carol said "Girlfriend, you better get home, and I mean right now!"
Immediately, I felt an urgency to get home. I was driving fast and praying all the way. The day was very gray, with cloudy skies, I wondered if it might start snowing, as I prayed "Dear God, Please let everything be okay." I prayed, knowing something was wrong, yet I began to have such peace settle upon me, it was hard for me to understand.
Parking my car and rushing up my front steps, I banged on the storm door, to no avail. It was locked!
"Come on Kip, please open the door, please open!" I kept saying . . .Over and over. Just then my daughter Robin drove past our house and stopped for a minute, asking why I wasn’t at work.
After telling her what I was doing home, she got out of her car and ran to the side and back doors. We were not getting any response. Kip’s car was parked in front of the house, so we felt sure he was inside.
I kept trying the storm door handles, but. . .they were all locked.
All of a sudden the handle of the storm door broke off, while I had my hand resting on it. I thought that was pretty odd, to break off, without my pulling at it.
I quickly pulled the door open and unlocked the front door, my hand was shaking so badly, I could hardly insert the key. “God, did you cause that handle to break off so the storm door would open, so I could get into the house?” I asked Him quietly, knowing that I was right in my thinking. . .
The stillness all through the house, caused an eerie feeling as I made my way to the bedroom. There lying on the carpet, face down was my husband! He was so swollen, with an awful blue cast to his skin, I actually had to check his clothing and shoes to be certain it was him, lying there. As our Love Birds chirped and whistled and scurried around their cage, sensing that something wrong, I calmly picked up the telephone receiver and dialed 911.
Slowly and carefully I gave my name, address and the information requested from the person on the other end of the line. I was asked if Kip was breathing and I told them "Barely." In what seemed like several minutes, I heard a knock at the front door. Hanging up the phone abruptly, I ran to let the paramedics in.
Everything became a blur of excitement, I called Millie, my eldest daughter and asked her to come quickly and between listening to my daughter Robin explaining to her sister, what had happened and answering the paramedics questions I was completely overwhelmed! The paramedics continued to work on my husband, as I started my talk with the Lord. "Lord, I know, I just know that you didn’t bring me this far to help Kip, only to allow him to die! Please Lord, don’t let him die!"
When My daughters and I reached the hospital and entered the emergency room, I heard my name being called over the P.A. system. I hurried to the front desk where the nurse looked solemn as she motioned for me to come back through the swinging doors. I felt my heart drop, dreading what I might be walking into.
A doctor’s assistant quickly rushed up to me pointing to where my husband lay, while being worked on, feverishly. Looking in the room, I hardly recognized him. Seeing he was as red as a tomato, I was startled, asking “What is wrong with my husband?”
The doctor’s assistant explained that they were “Oxidating” my husband. I was told that he had been pronounced “Clinically Dead” shortly after the Ambulance left our home. He had been resuscitated, and they were not sure if he was going to make it!
Slowly I left the area and went off to a hallway and started to ask the Lord for peace, and to please let my husband survive. I found my self saying again “Lord, you didn’t bring me this far, only to let us down” Over and over I hung onto those words. They were the only thing, that made sense to me at that point.
Later we were led into the Intensive Care Unit, where my husband was asleep in a deep coma.
My daughter Millie kept telling me Kip would be okay, but she wasn’t very convincing.
As I looked at my husband laying there, seeming so vulnerable and helpless . . . I seemed to become stronger. I felt that no matter what anyone said about his condition, I would not listen to anything but “Positive” things. I talked to Kip hour after hour. I reminisced about when we met and all the special things we did together . . .feeling as though I was really talking to myself. I was so very tired and worn out, but God gave me the strength to carry on.
I talked with the Lord so much during that time. I asked “Why?” Why is this happening, what lesson is there in this Lord? I would look at the grim faces of the doctors, and try to think positive thoughts. The prognosis was not good. They had no idea why Kip was in a coma.
At times I would just shudder to think what would have happened if God had not given me that vision, and when I consider the timing, and how if I had been just a few minutes late, Kip would have died while laying there on the floor. Thinking on that, I would feel a renewed surge of faith that everything was going to be okay. He wouldn’t have brought me this far, only to let me down.
Family and friends came daily, offering support, but there wasn’t any change in Kips condition. The only thing I did notice was that when I sang our “Favorite” song, my husband's right foot would tap at the beat. When I saw that, my heart beat fast. I said “Oh Lord, I know you are showing me a sign.” “I know Kip will make it, you didn’t bring me this far, to let me down now.”
People from everywhere were praying and somewhere along the way, somewhere within my exhausted state, I believed with all my heart that . . . This too, would pass and everything would be back to normal again. I just needed to keep telling myself that God was in control. God, showed me in a vision, my husband lying there on that carpet. God, brought my husband back to life while in the hands of the paramedics and since He did all of that, I knew He would bring my Kip . . .out of this coma.
On the fifth day, Our Lord answered our prayers and I saw those very blue eyes squinting up at me and I said “Thank you Jesus” you didn’t let us down. I trusted in you when everything looked bleak. I knew you would make everything work to the good for your purpose, I don’t know the reason you saw fit to spare my husbands life, but you did, and that’s good enough for me.
I know you saw him lying on that bedroom carpet, you showed me this so I would go to him and bring help. As usual, you were not a minute too early, nor a minute too late, but just right on time. Praise your Holy Name.



I just can’t imagine
You not being in my life,
I just can’t imagine
Not seeing you each day;
All these years I’ve been
Your "Friend And Wife"
I just can’t imagine
Your being away. . .

I just can’t imagine
Coffee in the morning
Without you,
I just can’t imagine
Walking alone;
I’d always be listening
For you to call my name,
In that special teasing tone

I just can’t imagine
Your not being there,
When I’m feeling down;
I just can’t imagine,
You not making a smile
Out of my sad frown

I just can’t imagine a garden,
Without you to reap and sow;
I just can’t imagine the flowers,
Without your planting them
Row after row . . .

I just can’t imagine going to church,
Not having you sit, so near
I just can’t imagine the Preacher talking;
Without you, whispering in my ear

I just can’t imagine the many things,
We enjoyed together, for so long;
Being with family, enjoying our friends,
Just to cease, like and end to a song

I just can’t imagine, not thinking of you,
Every minute, every hour, every day;
You’ll be on my mind . . .and in my heart,
Up to the very end, when I’m old,wrinkled and gray!

Yet . . .I can imagine, when you leave this earth,
After living life, for all it’s worth;
Entering heavens gates, with a sigh of relief
Knowing no more sorrow, pain, or grief!

Yet . . .I can imagine, the smile on your face,
Meeting the "Lord" and knowing his Grace;
Allowing you to share, his wonderful plan,
Spending Eternity in Beaulah Land!

Yet . . .I can imagine your happiness there,
With your heavenly family, and time
Endless . . .to share.
Yet, I can imagine your missing me,
Hoping,I’ll come to join you;
I know that you’ll wait patiently,
For the Lord, to set my spirit . . .Free!

copyright 2003 Judith Johnson Kypta

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:24 pm
by Pokey's Heart
Praise the Lord, Judith. This touched my heart. I'm so thankful God answered prayers, and used you in the manner He did.

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 9:01 am
by Hope
This really touched my heart today and brought tears to my eyes. God is so Good! This is a true testimony of His love and how much He watches over us and takes care of us. I Loved your poem and it really touched me I feel the same way about my Tom!
God Bless You Eva

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 1:00 pm
by Judith Johnson Kypta
Thank you, Pokey & Eva. I appreciate your comments.

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:57 am
by Sharlee
What a beautiful story of faith. Your poem was wonderful. I feel that way about my husband of 45 years. We do serve and awesome God and I praise Him for all He has done and is doing. May He continue to bless you and yours always.

In His love,

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:49 pm
by Judith Johnson Kypta
Thank you, to all. . . I appreciate your kind words, and comments.
Wishing you all here at "Net Hugs" a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:43 pm
by Janice Kennedy
What a wonderful story of faith! Thank you for sharing it.
May your Christmas be full of love.

Blessings, also J.J.K. Janice Jeanette Kennedy

Re: A Story Of Faith. . . By: Judith Johnson Kypta

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:32 pm
by Judith Johnson Kypta
Thank you, Janice (JJK) I am glad you enjoyed it.
Wishing you a very "Merry Christmas!"