For Lady Diane (For Those Who Suffer)

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For Lady Diane (For Those Who Suffer)

Post by marysaerie » Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:32 am

I wrote this back in the 1980's for a friend who was going
through a really tough time and trying to raise three very
small children. Though it is titled in her name, it conveys
my feelings for all human beings who suffer from life going

For Lady Diane
(For Those Who Suffer)

I love you.
You are my friend.
Your sadness gives me a heavy heart because I know there
is nothing I can do except be there for you should you need me.

I know that somewhere, upon the wings of time, have flown a
million precious moments. As slowly and surely as the tides
ebb and flow, they will return to haunt your memory. And, the
pain of remembering things past will make the pain of things
present more poignant.

But, do no grieve for the past. What is done is done.
Do not dwell on what was or could have been. Deal only with
the present: take each minute, each hour, each day for what
it has to offer. And, when your sadness becomes too heavy to
bear, give vent to that sdness lest it become a bitter anger that
will turn inward and consume you. You must forgive to survive.

Cry, if you must, until you can cry no more. Rid yourself of
the hurt; then dry your eyes and face the world with a renewed
determination that tomorrow will be better than today.

And it will! The darkess will not always be so black, and time
will smooth the sharp edges of despair. The clouds that hide the
beauty of life from your eyes will turn into a haze that the sun will
burn away; and in the warmth of the sun, joy and happiness will
find its way into hour heart.

©1989 Mary P. Sayman
aka marysaerie
Published works 2008

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