Heaven's Gain

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Heaven's Gain

Post by Shirley Baucom » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:31 am

Heaven’s Gain

O’ may my heart not grieve ‘too’ much
For my loved one who’s gone to Heaven to live;
Who has seen the Lord Jesus face to face
And received the Glory He promised to give.

Let not my tears ‘too’ often flow
When sorrowful thoughts bring me pain;
May my heart find joy and peace in knowing;
That my loss here is Heaven’s gain.

When I am missing the happy days
My loved one and I were able to share
I’ll think about Heaven where each day is blessed,
With no sickness, no pain, and no sorrow to bear.

My loved one’s rejoicing with Heaven’s angels
And walks the streets of pure gold,
With no problems, no danger or fear anywhere;
Just blessings far more than can ever be told.
Shirley Adcock Baucom ©7-5-18

In memory of my daughter, Debbie Adcock Cuthriell who went to be with the Lord recently.

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