The Colorful Race called Humanity

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The Colorful Race called Humanity

Post by Rita Biesemans » Mon May 28, 2018 3:37 pm

The Colorful Race called Humanity

O my Lord, I really don’t understand
all the hassle about race or skin color
this hatefulness is going out of hand
aren’t we all created in Your honor

I grew up without any idea of racism
meeting a different skinned person
was exciting enriching magnetism
it gave my soul a gentler version

To live in a loveless egocentric world
is more of a punishment than of a gift
almost everyone in himself is curled
my soul, O Lord, really needs a lift

Different shades are more inviting
than the boring one color only idea
to love each other without fighting
is far away from the forbidden tree

We are born with a colorless soul
spotless, impeccable and eternal
without it the body is not whole
let’s therefore strife to be fraternal

Rita Biesemans, November 12 2016

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