A Plain Old lump of Clay

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Shirley Baucom
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A Plain Old lump of Clay

Post by Shirley Baucom » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:20 pm

A Plain Old Lump of Clay

Hanging that day on Calvary’s cruel cross,
Christ shed His precious blood for me.
As He took on Himself my sin and shame,
My soul was redeemed and I was set free.

I had been lost but now I am found,
For Jesus has taken my sin all away.
He took hold of my life and began to work
Like a potter with a piece of clay.

Just a plain old lump of clay…
That’s really all that I could be
Until my Savior picked me up,
And began His wondrous work in me.

Cleansing, molding with a purpose,
His loving heart and skillful Hand
Began His work to help me be,
A vessel suited to His plan

I’ve had to be patient as the potter worked
To soften and keep me yielded and still;
Using the trials and problems of life
To teach me to seek His Way and His Will

With thanksgiving I’ll keep my trust in HIm
For He’s shaping my life as He sees best.
And by yielding myself to His perfect love,
My heart’s filled with peace and my soul is at rest.

How blessed to be held in the hand of my God;
I’m grateful for the work He’s done in me;
And I pray He’ll fill me with love and grace
That will draw others around me my Savior to see

Shirley Adcock Baucom March, 2017

Rita Biesemans
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Re: A Plain Old lump of Clay

Post by Rita Biesemans » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:26 pm

very very beautiful Shirley, it went deep into my heart and partake in what you write what Jesus did to and for you !!!
with God's blessing thank you for posting this !!! Thank You Jesus for people like Shirley !!!
)))((( Rita Biesemans

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