Sweet Times of Rest and Renewal

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Shirley Baucom
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Sweet Times of Rest and Renewal

Post by Shirley Baucom » Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:05 am

Sweet Times of Rest and Renewal

Oh how I love to draw away
From the hustle and bustle of life;
To a quiet place of renewal and rest
Away from pressure, worry and strife.

At times I may sit ‘neath a shady tree…
Feel the soft breeze as its branches sway;
Serenaded by the music of chirping birds
Flying ‘round the tree like children at play.

My heart is filled with sweet, soothing peace
And a calmness takes over my soul.
My thoughts become clear, my mind is at rest
As I feel Gods Spirit taking control.

The Lord knows how to draw me away
From the strain of my everyday life
Whether ‘neath a tree or a peaceful stream,
His “Nearness” overcomes my feelings of strife.

I’m refreshed and renewed as His sweet Presence
Fills every place in my fretful heart;
Surrendering my problems and burdens to Him,
My heart opens wide for His peace to impart.

Thank God for the promise to everyone
Who loves and makes Him Lord of their life;
To refresh us, renew our peace and strength…
Giving relief in the midst of our toils and strife.

Shirley Adcock Baucom February2017

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