When My Burdens Fall Away

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When My Burdens Fall Away

Post by Shirley Baucom » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:24 am

When My Burdens Fall Away

When weighed down by problems and cares of life,
I begin to feel crushed as they’re heavy to bear.
But standing on the promise, He’s my power and help,
Trials and troubles I take to the Lord in prayer.

Many are the tools the devil uses
As he tries to rob me of peace and joy,
Pulling out every trick he thinks he can use
To trip me up, determined my faith to destroy

But God has promised His strength is sufficient
To conquer our enemies and lift us above
All of life’s trials and earthly temptations
With His almighty arms of power and love

In the Light of this gift of loving Grace
My life's crushing burdens start to fall away
God's peace floods my heart, I am no longer bound
By deep feelings of failure, fear and dismay.

Surely there’ll be more burdens to bear,
When I find myself weary and bent very low
But again I’ll reach out in faith and assurance
To my Helper and Friend… the Lord that I know

I’ll look up and see Him with Hand reaching out,
Giving grace for the moment, throughout the day.
In His Strength and Power I’ll be lifted back up
As the burdens again are falling away.

Blessed with such a wonderful friend as Jesus
I desire to witness and share Him with others.
Through God’s Word and Spirit, may I reach out in love
And share my "Best Friend"with my sisters and brothers.

©Shirley Adcock Baucom April, 2017 revised and copyrite3-27-18

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