What would I do.?

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What would I do.?

Post by Wilmas » Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:28 am

Had I been there among the throng
Who lined the busy street that day,
To watch the Son of God go by
With wearied steps to Calvary.
Would I have joined the awful crowd.
And called out jeering as He died,
Or would I blush and hide my face
When He ,the Lord was crucified.?

Would I have held some water up
To soothe His burning drying lips,
Or like the cruel soldier
Offer vinegar to sip.
What would I do, had I been there,
To see His precious blood drip down,
From hands and feet nailed to a tree
And from his head by jagged crown.?

What would I do if I had stood
And saw a soldier pierce His side
Would I have watched with smiling lips?
Or sorrow feel, for the crucified.
I was not there, but I believe
It was for me He bore the pain
And when I took Him as my own
I know that I was born again.

Now since that day so long ago
I know He watches over me
And when it comes my time to go
I know His blessed face I'll see
This is no dream, twill come to pass
Promised by Him who cannot lie
My living ,loving, precious Lord
Will take me home to dwell on high.
Love Marigold.

Shirley Baucom
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Re: What would I do.?

Post by Shirley Baucom » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:47 am

Marigold, this is such a beautiful touching poem and I pray it will touch the hearts of many. I'm sure I'll read it again during this week as we prepare for the resurrection of Jesus our Savior.

God be with you always, Shirley[

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