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Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:46 pm
by Rita Biesemans

I say “Jesus, I trust in You “
while I’m dragging my cross
as a lonely wandering Jew
following my Celestial Boss

I vowed “ for better
or for worse “
to take it to the letter
as a NO nonsense verse

My child, look at the flower
look at the sparrow
do they have to shower
do they have to sow ?

Learn what it really means “to trust”
it’s easier to say than to do
am I not the Eternal Just ?
then walk in MY field of view

I feel for you, My daughter
why would you “not” trust Me
come drink of My Salvation Water
I wait for you at the Olive Tree

I know how it feels
to be treated like scum
come, run head over heels
away from the evil one, don’t succumb

surrender your hurting emotion
to Me, to My Merciful Heart
let it span My Pacific Ocean
I want to see you dart

You and your loved ones are mine
even before you were born
let your arms about Me entwine
trust in Me and you won’t be torn.

You have a place in your Father’s Heart, My children, trust Me, accept the Yoke of Heaven, unite your will to that of Mine. I will NEVER abandon you, My children.
Rita Biesemans, written April 26 2014 Our lady of Good Counsel