Forever To Stay

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Forever To Stay

Post by DeaconSteve » Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:49 pm

Forever To Stay!

"In this moment, I am at the edge of this big green meadow
surrounded by beautiful flowers, swaying in the breeze.
I see You clearly in a far-off distance waving your hand;
I'm coming toward you Lord, so please don't leave.

I don't move as quickly, for I have been slowed by age.
I feel that You are immersed in the whole of who I am,
As clouds are gathering in the heavenly sky up above,
In this moment of my seeking, I can almost feel Your hand.

So eager I am, as I just want to make my way to You,
And time does not seem to have been a factor, not at all.
Slowly, I will get there Lord, knowing that You are always with me;
I am assured that You will rescue me, even if once or twice I fall.

Time has beaten and weathered my body; it has slowed to a crawl,
But I know that You, My Master, will energize its' longing:
To continue this journey as I know that I surely must,
Drawing forth every breath in this moment of belonging.

This moment that has been graced to me is where I am,
and has always been there in days of my youth so free;
Not knowing that time was much a factor in my life.
And I know that this time has come for me to be set free.

I do not linger in past sorrows, or endeavors that I sought;
Nor do I think of the those things that I sought to achieve.
The presence and peace of You, has overshadowed my being,
And I am ever so alive to Your voice as it beckons me."

I am mesmerized by the spectrum of His grace that comforts me,
That I am so inclined to open my heart to sing a song of praise.
God of all life, human and in nature, blankets all that there is,
That this moment of my weakness of body is buried in a haze.

Nothing matters but my having my eyes fixed on His healing love,
As He will rescue me from all that tries to bring me down.
For I release that from my grasp, and bid it to the waves of ocean,
And as it is dispersed and diluted in the waters forever to drown.

All of this moment, this life has been spent in seeking His will,
Not to bring notice to myself, for that has never been my goal.
Nothing is worthy of seeking, if it does not mirror Jesus' Love;
If it is not shared in joy to give comfort to the heart of other souls.

If I am to be true to my calling, to deny myself before all others,
To do so with a joyful heart, for the sake of my journey's last day.
When the vision of the final sunset of my life draws nearer to me,
I can then let go of this moment to enter Paradise forever to stay!

Steve A. Politte
July 11, 2017

Live today as if it were your last, for tomorrow it will be your past, but live it with peace in mind, joy to find, and for God divine!

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