MEDJUGORJE September 8 1984

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MEDJUGORJE September 8 1984

Post by Rita Biesemans » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:23 pm

MEDJUGORJE September 8 1984

Medjugorje precious place
chosen as fountain of Grace
herald of the Word Divine
strong and healing Warning Sign

You gather us, God's littlest kids
satan's temptations Heaven forbids
the toilsome voyage so worth the price
you show us the way back to Paradise

Dearest Mother, Fountain of Peace
prayer and fasting need to increase
as a Mother Your Son thee sent
to prompt us our life to amend

Sweet Mother, I love you so much
I beg You, just let me go Dutch
I'll defend Your Honor with zeal
You crushing satan with Your heel

I dread the day that You will leave
us poor wailing children of Eve
I beg of You to keep us close
O You Threefold Mystical Rose

The world hates who belongs to God
and treats them as a lightning rod
but the Victory is ours, already won
upon achieving a judgment of ippon

Medjugorje "between two mountains"
you teach us there are no "bargains"
in this life it's either God or the devil
either God's Silence or satan's revel.

Rita Biesemans September 8 1984
("Medjugorje" means : between 2 mountains)
So happy to have been there twice. Once in 1984 and once in 1991)

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