Keep on Keeping on

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Keep on Keeping on

Post by clawson8 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:20 pm

Use what you have your knowledge to share
Tell other's how you Jesus really cares
An unconditional love is what He will give
You will never be alone, if in your heart He does live
He will lift you up and place in your heart a song
If you obey his word and keep on keeping on

I haven't earned His love but he never stops loving me
He has lifted me up and set my life free
Although I have stumbled and fell along the way
I get back up and to my Lord pray
I know I have sinned and have done you wrong
Lift me up so I can keep on keeping on

Let nothing get in your way turn the world upside down
Tell everyone you know that in Jesus the answers are to be found
There will be many battles and rough roads along the way
Satan will try and tempt you and lead you astray
Resist his temptations and always be strong
The battle is yours if you keep on keeping on

Sometimes medical problems come our way and deal with them we must
If we give it to the Lord he will never betray our trust
We never fight a battle without having some pain
We try to do right but sometimes we are wrong
So we must be strong and keep on keeping on

Use what you have lead others to Christ
For you it will be a ricer and more rewarding life
Sometimes we are afflicted but not despairing
Because we have a God who is always caring
Struck down but not destroyed, persecuted but no forsaken
Walking with Jesus is the road to be taken
Know that He who raised Jesus will raise me in the coming dawn
Gives my life the purpose to keep on keeping on

By Jim Clawson

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