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Re: Izzy's Christian Poetry

Post by izzyfalcon » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:28 pm

"THIS BRIDE,...IS,...READY!"....

The Bride is standing, all glistening bright;
In her wedding garments, so pure and white.
Her hands sewed, the needlework fine;
The gold was brought, by her Life Divine!....

It has not been easy, this garment to make;
But, all that she did,...was for Jesus' sake.
There were trials and pains, and heartaches sore;
Many, were the needle pricks, and cuts she bore!....

There were times, when dark doubts, would flood her Soul;
Yet, His Divine Word, again made her whole.
Disappointment came, as she succumbed,...to test;
But, in this,...she learned to Trust Him best!....

At last, her garment was ready to wear;
Though many dire hardships, she often did bear.
Then came her Bride-groom, to call her away;
And gone was the night,....behold, now the Day!....

Her Life of toils, are remembered no more;
As she and Christ Jesus, enter this open Door.
Glory and Light, fills her once-burdened heart;
For now she's in Heaven,...never to depart!....

Your Friend,
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