Jesus Was Not Guilty

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Shirley Baucom
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Jesus Was Not Guilty

Post by Shirley Baucom » Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:55 am

Jesus Was Not Guilty

Jesus prayed to His Father in Gethsemane,
Knowing the time was near
When He would be captured and taken away;
That His beloved disciples would cower in fear.

He didn’t deserve to be alone
As He stood before Pilot that day;
But all the disciples He had taught and loved,
In their weakness denied Him and turned away.

For us He bore the awful pain,
As whips struck His back o’er and o’er
He didn’t deserve those bloody stripes…,
We are the ones He suffered for.

He didn't deserve the mocking crowd
As He climbed up Calvary's hill,
But staying focused on His task ahead,
He was determined to do His Father’s will.

When another had to carry His cross
As our suffering Lord had grown so weak,
No complaints came forth from Jesus mouth;
No harsh, angry words did our Savior speak.

.He was not guilty, didn’t deserve the pain
As blood trickled down His face
From the thorny crown that pierced his brow
While He suffered and hung there in our place.

Not a drop of blood did the Savior deserve
As He died that day, fulfilling God’s will
He could’ve called Heaven’s angels and been set free,
But out of His love, He hung there still.

He knew He was doing His Father’s will
Giving Himself to redeem us from sin.
Only through His suffering and the blood He shed
Could we ever be saved and renewed within.

The suffering of the cross was because of us;
We were the ones who deserved the blame;
But with amazing grace and unfailing love
He gave up Himself, oh praise His dear name!

May each of us who have been redeemed
And will spend eternity in Heaven above;
Let Jesus shine forth in our lives to others
So they’ll come to know His redemption and love.

As the perfect, blameless Son of God
Sacrificed Himself for our sin and shame!
May we give of “ourselves” and lift Him up
So others may trust in His sweet, Holy Name.

Jesus was not Guilty!
We were the ones to blame!

Shirley Adcock Baucom ©January 2016

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

This is a poem I started a while back and was inspired by our Communion Service at church this past Sunday to finish and post it. Communion reminds us that we are to remember the Lord's death often, be thankful for His resurrection and the fact that someday we'll be with Him in Heaven

Shirley Baucom
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Re: Jesus Was Not Guilty

Post by Shirley Baucom » Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:06 pm

As we look to Easter and the resurrection of the Lord, may we all remember the suffering He bore and the sacrifice He made. He was not guilty. He suffered and died for us, and Easter reminds us that as His death on the cross takes our sin away, the resurection from the grave gave us God's presence in this world and everlasting life in heaven with Him. May your hearts be blessed throughout the Easter holidays and always..

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