'Could I Have Did More For Mom'

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'Could I Have Did More For Mom'

Post by Shirley Shaw » Thu Dec 13, 2007 3:54 pm

Now as I reflect back, on time past,
and all of the years gone by,
I sit down, off to myself,and ask,
could I possibly have done more,
for my 'Beloved Mother'.

Could I have went to see her more.
If I would have just taken some extra time,
to go over and visit her,a little bit more,
while there was still some time left,
and she was still alive...

She never asked me for much at all,
in her entire life,
except to please 'swing by',once in awhile,
and see her.
Please,'don't be a stranger she'd say'.

Maybe we could have went on more shopping trips,
or have spent the whole day together, just having fun,
and stopping to grab some lunch.
We might have went for a ride to the park,
just so Mom and I, could sit and talk.

I could have taken my 'Dear Mom,
just for a ride,outside,in her wheel-chair.
She only had it for about three months,before she passed,
and had never really, been anywhere.
It was a pleasure and joy to her,just to sit and feed the little animals.

I still have much pain, and many regrets,inside.
My 'Dear-Mother'gave to me, her whole life,
never asking for a single thing,in return.
I had everything in life,that a child,could ever have,
and then some...

I always told my Mom,'I'll get by,more often',
you just wait and see,
and Mom, I'll surprise you,
when you least expect it.
Seems something,always kept me from it...

Why did I not make more time,
just to see her smiling face,
and make her happy.
All she wanted was to see me,
and it seems ,'I couldn't even give her that'!

So, if by some chance,your 'Dear Mother'is still alive,
don't waste any time, take full-advantage of it.
See her as much as you can,and spend time together,
cause I assure you, 'take it from me',
'you will surely miss the day, when you can't'!

Life goes on, and so do the years,
they pass by so quickly,
but the time that you missed, spending together,
really seems to drag by, at least for me,
as I 'shed those long', silent tears'.

Mom', I Wish you Were Still Here~~~~~~~~~~~

(Cry With Me-Not For Me)...................................
(Dedicated to my Mom-"Anna Jean Watrous"-(Born On, October 4th,1936,)(and Passed On, February 7th, 2003(Soon To Be 5 Years)............
(Still In My Heart And Memory)..........
(Written By-Shirley ann shaw-raytown,mo.64133)...................

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