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As I Lay Me Down

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:44 pm
by norman
As I Lay Me Down

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray my soul the Lord to keep
And in the morning if I wake
He leads as another journey we take

Down the trail of trials and fears
As He wipes away each of my tears
Should I turn and go a stray again
May He always bring me back from sin

As I lay there tossing and turning
May I find things my souls is yearning
And if I wake to an Angel by my bed
I'll know His love is not dead

As I say a prayer each night
Praying everything turns out right
Praying for those that I love
As well as others already above

As I whisper my prayers to God above
I pray He blesses you all with His love
So I'll close this prayer for tonight
As I pray to see each of you in Heavens light


Written 11/28/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 Norman (All rights reserved)