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Do You Believe

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:52 am
by norman
Do You Believe?

As I was walking through town
It was but the other day
When I saw a young man kick an elderly
Saying"Old man get out of my way"

The old man looked at me in tears
And this is what he said
"Do you believe in magic ,son?
Do you believe we'll rise from the dead?

Do you believe in Santa Clause
Or Rudolph with his nose so red
Do you believe in magic,son?
Do you believe in the Bible so many have read?

Do you believe in Jesus Christ,son?
How he was born on Christmas Day
Or are you a non-believer?"
That think life is all but a play

Do you believe in life-ever-after
Once our life here is through
Because if you're a non-believer,son
Then may God have mercy on you

Do you believe those wise men
That followed that bright shiny star
Just to bring presents to a baby
Following signs oh so far

Do you believe in magic,son
Like a magician does with a stick
Or are you skeptick of that too
As he does his every trick

Do you believe in Christmas,boy?
When the spirits are in the air
Do you help to heal the sick?
Or do you have a heart to care

Do you believe in Christmas,boy?
For, there are so many that don't
Like that guy that kicked me,boy
Only in a hurry for what they want

If you believe in the magic,son
Then may you be blessed on Christmas Day
For I'm but a bum on the street
No one cares if I come or stay

As I turned to leave there
A chill ran down my body so rare
I turned to ask him to come with me
It was as if he was never there

Written 12/09/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 Norman (All rights reserved)