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This Memorial Day

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 10:18 am
by norman
This Memorial Day

As we move through this day
In memories of those long gone
We ask you hold their memories
Until we are all called home

Hold your hand to your heart
As you pledge to our flag
It's a symbol of our freedom
It's not just some old rag

It's been through many wars
And covered caskets as well
Of so many of our loved ones
That went through a living Hell

Remember your loved ones
That means so much to you
If you can't respect their memories
Then I ask you this, who?

too many have already fallen
For our freedom we have today
Think of each and every one
As you celebrate this Memorial Day

We should all feel humbled
To the freedom that we have
All thanks to those brave ones
That are lying in their graves

But don't forget the wounded
Some in wheel chairs, some bed fast
So many crippled for life
The least we can do is respect their past

Should you see a soldier
Be sure and thank them today
For you don't know their troubles
And you could just make their day

Memorial Day is not about cook outs
It's about remembering those that gave
Respecting their memories here
Before they was put in their grave

So let's say a prayer for those
That have fought for our freedom then
Had not they been so brave, you see
We might not have freedom my friend

Written 5/29/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.