~~The Spirit Is Willing~~

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~~The Spirit Is Willing~~

Post by Shirley Shaw » Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:00 pm

So hard to get into the Celebration mode,
this year, once again !
The,'spirit is willing',but the body is Not !
I don't want to feel so harsh or cold,
just that times are changing-and my body is Old !
As the Holidays, rush in so fast,seems sometimes,
that Old things, don't want to pass-
and just keep hanging on, through the past !
I don't want to cry-but wish these feelings,
to just be Gone !
I guess the flesh is weak-I don't know,
but my Heart, still Bleeds !
Some things just never seem to change
but I will,'keep on Praying',to set all things straight !
I've got to get through these in-coming Holidays,
instead of just feeling down, sad, and so Blue !
Only,'God',can make it all go away !
The Holidays that I once knew, and Loved so much-
now seem at times, I only dread, to do !
Please,'Lord, just set me Free!
Please Lord', help me, return to me,
as I really want to be smiling and Happy!
Thank you,'Dear Jesus', for listening to me;
as a, Symbol of Gloom, I need not be, or need !
The,Spirit is willing', as you can see-
Maybe I just need a tender push, from Thee !
(Written by-Pastor Shirley ann shaw)...

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