~~Happy 18th Anniversary Charles~~

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~~Happy 18th Anniversary Charles~~

Post by Shirley Shaw » Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:17 pm

Hello Dear-
Not so unusual to find me here.
Thank you for all of the Lovely gifts,
that You bought for me.
I actually didn't need anything, except your Love,
and I hope you know,that I treasure that,more than anything, that you could buy.
I guess I will be late with your gift, again.So sorry, guess you know why.
Eighteen years is a long time, to spend with another,
in their Life !
September 22nd, will be 18 years together,
and I cherish You, more than ever.
I want to get you something, extra nice-
that will be a completely, different surprise-
that will really cause you to open your eyes.
These years spent with you, have shown me the real you,
and I really am Lucky, to have found in you, one,so true.
You have been there for me through it all,riding the bad and the good,
out with me, in all that we have done and do !
Just want you to know how much, I really do appreciate you-
I would be forever alone, if I had not found you, with a Love so true.
Happy Anniversary', my Dear, and may be have many more years, together,
forever ! I Love You...Love Poohbear.
(Written by-Pastor Shirley ann shaw)...

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