Another Visit from St. Nicholas, Part I

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Another Visit from St. Nicholas, Part I

Post by wordworx » Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:07 pm


There came a night in which I dreamed
I heard some sleigh-bells chime.
Then to my ears (or so it seemed)
There came that Christmas-rhyme:

That famous verse we all have heard,
Of Santa Claus's visit.
(I know this sounds a bit absurd---
But still I wonder . . . is it?)

For then it seemed I was the man
Who rose and was to witness
When St. Nick came, who then began
To go about his business.

My dream became then more profound:
I dreamt I woke again,
When down the chimney with a bound
Did Santa Claus descend!

Now on my soul, I here declare
(And much to my surprise)
That Santa spoke with me to share
Some simple things---but wise!

To write of this, I can't resist;
And so I bless therefore,
The youthful heart and poet's art
Of Dr. Clement Moore.*

I also fete and dedicate
This verse to St. Nick's aide**,
Who does his part to spread the Art
Of Santa Claus's trade!

*The author who wrote "A Visit from St. Nicholas" for his children in 1822.
**Mr. Ricky Duling, better known as "Sergeant Santa," of Richmond, Virginia.

Another Visit from St. Nicholas

'Twas now another Christmas Eve; and then, as once before,
I heard and saw St. Nick arrive, as has been told of yore.
Yet now I thought this rather odd: my children all were grown;
Were moved away and married now, with children of their own.
Though nonetheless, I quickly dressed and went downstairs to see
That chubby, plump, and jolly Elf beside my Christmas tree.

His clothes of red and white were smudged
With bits of soot and flecks of ash;
His smile was wide and just as droll
Between his beard and thick mustache.
His eyes, they twinkled even more;
His dimples too, were merrier.
His cheeks were red as roses still
(Although his nose was 'cherrier.')

I well remember how his beard had been as white as snow,
But it was silver now, unlike that night so long ago!
His face, it beamed with perfect health, although his little belly
Was just as round and when he laughed, still shook just like a jelly!
The bulging sack upon his back was bigger though, I think.
He turned around and laid it down, then grinned at me and winked.
I'm just an ol' country boy, trying to preserve a dwindling breed and a vanishing creed.

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