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big brother
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Post by big brother » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:12 pm

I do not like what I see,
What/s happened to feminity?
Girls with rings , through their nose,
And what other parts , heaven knows.

I realised I was over the hill,
When I thought that Jack was Jill.
This unisex is driving me nuts,
There/s far too many unkind cuts.

Oh! for the days that I use/d ter
Know the hens , from the rooster
Please let those days come back again,
When Tarzan was Tarzan, andJane was Jane,


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Post by Richey » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:42 pm

Ohhh my gosh I sure did like that.... That was great!!! Really enjoyed reading it... :lol:

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Deborah Lynne
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Post by Deborah Lynne » Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:03 am

Great poem, Big Bro!!! Loved it, and I so agree!!!
Deborah Lynne

I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. I have the greatest carpenter who ever
lived repairing me. Do you know Him?
His name is Jesus Christ.

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Post by DeaconSteve » Wed Jan 18, 2006 3:13 am

Love that one Big Bro. Wait till you get even older, then you'll wish outhouses were back in style!
Live today as if it were your last, for tomorrow it will be your past, but live it with peace in mind, joy to find, and for God divine!

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Post by Dreamtime » Wed Jan 18, 2006 5:49 am

Timely for the modern times. Even Eve becomes Steve too!

Note: There is no personal reference to anyone whatsoever.
~ Friendship, Love and Prayers .... thematic in theory, are they put into action?~

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Post by bradmurphyackermanms » Wed Jan 18, 2006 3:14 pm

Like that, Big Bro!!! Enjoy reading your poetry!

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